A true innovation:
in-cavity polymer marking


Plastic part marking unique,
false-proof, secure


Game-changing solution
for plastic part marking

Individual marking
of plastic products
during injection molding

Efficient, counterfeit-proof and reliable. Our game-changing DynamicMold® technology enables customized marking and coding of plastics parts directly during the injection molding process.

Easy. An insert with a diameter of 8 mm is integrated into each cavity of an injection mold. Every mold maker or injection molder is able to do this integration. The DynamicMold® Controller on the outer side of the mold operates the insert(s). The DynamicMold® LinQ, serving as power supply unit with a user interface connection aside of the molding machine completes our system.

Small insert – big impact

Our invention accelerates production by eliminating an additional working step such as laser marking, inkjet printing or labelling. And it ensures quality control, traceability, regulatory compliance and brand protection.

  • No impact to cycle time
  • Reduced production time
  • No additives in the polymer needed
  • No fume hood or ventilation required
  • No protective measures needed

Three high-performance solutions
for coding plastic industrial parts

The marking of plastic products is becoming increasingly important and essential in many industries: medtech and life science, automotive, consumer goods and microfluidics benefit immensely from our cutting-edge technology. To meet all marking requirements, we offer three solutions.


digital date on plastic parts
** available now **


data matrix code on plastic parts
for full traceability
** coming soon **


data matrix code with individual brand marking on plastic parts
** coming soon **

DynamicMold® is compatible with many plastic forming processes such as injection molding, blow molding and hot embossing.

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