The plastic production has steadily increased worldwide over the last decades. Today, we see production volumes of plastics reaching 62 million metric tons in Europe and 360 million tons worldwide (2019, Plastics Europe).

Despite the still open challenges related to littering and end-of-life of certain types of plastic waste, there is an increasing demand for plastic components from various end-use industries including automotive, packaging, home appliances, electronics and medical devices. The higher demand is anticipated to drive the market growth and is due to the plastics versatility, light-weight, durability, and capacity for innovation that support the development of breakthrough sustainable technologies. The industry is expected to witness the highest growth in the medical devices and components sector.

As one of the consequences, parts marking is increasingly needed in a variety of markets in order to comply with legislation, assess quality control of products along their life cycle as an individual, and manage recall campaigns for faulty parts, to name but a few.