DM-date: digital date & time marking for plastic injection molding

DM-date mold inserts offer the first true digital version of classical date stamps for injection molding, without manual interference. It can easily replace your existing date stamp and provide marking simply and automatically. DM-date will bring your manufacturing date/time-based part tracing to a whole new level. No production interruptions, no faulty date settings, no scratches from manual tool collisions. Precision down to an hour interval.


matriq’s digital date is a binary data format commonly used also for binary clocks. The year, month, day, and hour are represented by a binary number. matriq uses 5 bits for each component, enabling a value range of 0 – 31 each. Therefore, the year is coded as a plus to year 2000, hence “23” means “2023”.


The picture below shows how to interpret the digital date on the marked piece.

DM-date is available as CE-labelled product
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