DM-qode mold inserts will provide a unique and ever-changing code on each fabricated plastic part issued as a DataMatrix code. Full traceability of every single manufactured part will be enabled: origin and process data, manufacturing date, serial number and down-stream product information are logged and associated. No additional marking equipment is required. No factory space, nor production time will be consumed, and no part handling is needed. Marking is achieved inside your production machine, inside the mold, in your process. DM-qode makes both your production and products smart, enabling industry 4.0. The marking is performed within 100 milliseconds during the forming process. We use ISO standard (e.g. ECC200) 2D-codes.

The DataMatrix code is an established two-dimensional code in the industry, often used to store a serial number, and it is particularly suitable where space is limited. It is a machine-readable code that can be read by practically all commercially available code-reader cameras and also using modern smart phone camara software.

Typical implementations of marking today are printing, laser engraving or dot peen marking. This results in different optical contrast ratios, which can be read without problems under suitable lighting. The DynamicMold® technology produces a surface structure without color difference, which is also common for dot peen marking or engraving. Cameras can easily read this code by setting proper lighting conditions.

DM-qode will be available in 1Q24, stay tuned!