DynamicMold® Technology

Using the DynamicMold® (DM) technology the surface of plastic parts produced by molding and shaping processes is selectively altered by creating a varying optical contrast pattern. DM can be applied for injection molding, thermo forming, blow molding, and hot embossing. These 2D codes, such as DataMatrix, are readable by industrial or most smartphone cameras. DynamicMold is achieved by matriq’s patented near-surface micro-heating system integrated in a tiny mold insert.

The DM inserts are easily mounted in each of the mold cavities, comparable to temperature or pressure sensors. Our inserts mark every plastic part with a unique and individual code – a digital date, a DataMatrix code or comparable 2D code. Single cables connect all the inserts to a control unit sitting on the outer side of the mold or forming tool. This unit operates the inserts, cavity-specifically, to issue the code and only requires a power supply to handle the marking completely autonomously. This is achieved by smart monitoring of the molding/forming process using the integrated sensors in our mold inserts. In each molding or forming iteration the desired pattern is generated de-novo and applied to the part surface.

The marking and process data can either be transferred directly to the customer database via connectivity to the MES software or stored locally for later retrieval.


If you have questions about our technology and its implementation, please read our FAQs or contact us.