injection molding

Our DM technology was primarily developed for injection molding, hence the name DynamicMold. It is the world’s first in-mold and in-line solution for continuous and individual marking injection molded products directly in the forming process.

The plastics injection molding market was evaluated to EUR 270 bn in 2020. Packaging dominates this market, followed by building and construction. Appliance, automotive and MedTech and a few more industries capture the remaining share. Examples of medical device parts are vials, tubes, surgical instruments, syringes or implant subcomponents. Automotive components manufactured with injection molding are knobs, dashboard switches, cylinder head covers, oil pans, and exterior parts such as including bumpers, door handles, light housings and more. Examples in the appliance industry are bottles, caps, toys, boxes, housings and containers.

Nowadays marking accounts for around 5-7% of the manufacturing costs of automotive or medical components. As more and more plastic products are used in various areas and quality control as well as traceability are becoming increasingly important (keyword Industry 4.0), our technology holds immense potential to enable a successful market launch of such products.