injection molding

Our DynamicMold® technology was primarily developed for injection molding. It is the world’s first in-cavity and in-line solution for continuous and individual marking injection molded products directly in the forming process, at no extra time.

DynamicMold® is not changing the integrity of the polymer nor it is dependent on any additives. Our technology offers a number of advantages: Reduction of time to market, smaller number of rejects and less production downtimes. In comparison to laser marking, no dust is created, no fume hood and ventilation is required, and no protective measures are needed.

Injection molding is using high pressures and high temperatures for forming a part. The DM-date insert is designed to withstand pressures up to 1’200 bars and mold tool temperatures up to 100 °C. Our next product, the DM-qode can perform under 2’000 bar pressure and 150°C mold temperature.