DynamicMold® (DM) is the innovative marking technology, patented by matriq, for individual parts marking on a wide range of plastic components during their fabrication, directly inside the forming or reshaping process.

To achieve this, a mold insert is integrated into each cavity of a mold of an injection molding machine, and therein it marks every plastic part with a unique code. This solution can be used not only for injection molding, but also for blow molding, thermo-forming or any other forming process. The polymer is neither chemically changed, nor relying on additives. It is the greenest marking technology available and the one with the lowest energy consumption.

our products

Marking is performed in-line, in-mold and millisecond-fast, without changing the production cycle time. Marking comes in the form of a digital date - with our first product, the DM-date insert - or a DataMatrix code, with our next-generation product, the DM-qode. These DataMatrix codes will be readable by code-reader cameras adapted to our contrast mechanism as well as by smartphones. Besides enabling product traceability, the DynamicMold® technology also offers the possibility to integrate anti-counterfeiting features into the codes, thus allowing brand protection. We will offer owners of branded plastic products facing copy-fraud exclusive customer-owned designs with our DM-brand insert.

product components

Small insert - big impact: Our game-changing technology ensures uninterrupted production and issues an individual 2D code, which dynamically changes every hour or cycle. It does not require any additives. With its integrated temperature sensor, the insert precisely detects the incoming mold flow, and triggers marking independently of the machine. Our innovative solution consists of three hardware components set up via browser configuration interface.

  1. DynamicMold® Insert(s)
  2. DynamicMold® Controller
  3. DynamicMold® LinQ