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In-Mold Sensors

MoldFront – Flow Front Detection

Precise measurement of the flow front. Non-contact.

The sensor package MoldFront is a precise measuring hardware for reliable and highly dynamic flow front detection in injection molds or similar filling processes in the polymer sector. This enables

  • the precise control of subsequent processes
  • the detection of irregularities
  • the determination of reproducibility

MoldUni – Process Monitoring

Immediately detect changes in the molding process. Contactless.

With the sensor package MoldUni several quality parameters, such as

  • the flow front
  • the flow velocity
  • the solidification rate
  • the time of shrinkage

recorded and evaluated at just one measuring position in the cavity. This opens up completely new possibilities for monitoring, optimization, prediction, quality assurance and documentation of your injection molding process.

“Powerful sensing solution
to survey your process!”

The ideal combination

quality parameters

parts serialization

matriq‘s serialization and moldsonics ultrasound sensor systems

simply know more about process and plastic part!

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