Our DM-inserts are suitable to mark plastic products fabricated using thermoforming as its manufacturing process. Thermoformed products are used in a variety of industries including packaging (food, pharma and medtech), transportation, appliance and more.

Examples of parts in the transportation industry are bus and train seats and arm rests as well as fold-down tray tables and car trunk liners. Refrigerators and freezer door liners are also manufactured by thermoforming, as well as dishwashers and clothes dryer housings.

DM coded blister

Packaging dominates the thermoforming market. Food is packaged in thermoformed plastic trays and containers made out of polystyrene. Medical parts such as tools, syringes, needles, tubes and vials are packaged for hospitals and clinics.

The drug packaging market has a worldwide volume of over USD 145 billion and the counterfeited drugs have a share of about 1-2% in Europe, which leaps up to 50% in Africa. These numbers highlight the need for a secure code on drugs primary packaging for tracking and anticounterfeiting. Europe is already responding to such point at issue by introducing DataMatrix codes for protective purposes on such goods. We are a first line player in this scenario.